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Realtime Pageview Counter
Increase user interaction and interest with this ajax based Pageview Counter

Pageviews Realtime Counter

Realtime Pageview Counter
Increase user interaction and interest with this ajax based Pageview Counter


  • High Performance Pageview count generation
  • Use different modes of counting (ajax, ajax realtime polling, non-ajax)
  • Fake Count option with human undetectable smart algorithm. (Fakecount is cumulated to real pageview count)
  • Show Pageview Counter on left or right beside the share buttons
  • Specify Ajax poll frequency and limit the average server utilization
  • Disable Realtime Counter when system loads exceeds a specified threshold (Only working on Linux server and php 5.1.3 and higher)
  • Round Pageviews, e.g. 2.500 result in 2.5k. 1.500.000 will be shown as 1.5M
  • Compatible with Mashshare ShareBar. (Pageviews are shown in the Sharebar)

See a working demo on this page!

Developer FAQ:

Note: This Add-On is only working with Mashshare 2.1.2 and later


Pageview Realtime Counter Frontend

Pageviews Realtime Counter Frontpage 2

Pageview Counter Admin settings


  • Updates and Support
  • 1 Year Automatic Updates
  • 1 Year Email Support

Note: This Add-On requires Mashshare installed

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